Universe Trofæjagt & AR

The "Universe Trofæjagt" is a smartphone game that is used within the science park Universe on the island of Als in southern Denmark. The game itself is a combination of digital and physical parts, as the guests within the park have to find hidden codes throughout the park.

These codes are a three symbol combination, and the codes themself are located in the vicinity of the different attractions in the park.

A winner is chosen each day, with the guest having found the most codes throughout the whole season, winning a lifetime entrance pass for the park. 

Interaction & UX Design, UI Design, Project Development
The project was to increase the number of codes hidden throughout the park, with a focus on incorporating them more into the attractions.

As a new feature of the project, an AR feature had to be developed as the park wanted to include more digital technology and teach the guests more about their park and familiarise guests with new kinds of technologies.

So the models for the AR part of the game had to be developed and to make it run smoother on smartphones, it was decided that the models had to be low-poly.
Different screens of the app itself.

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