Universe Film Studio

Universe Science Park on the island of Als in Southern Jutland is a location that encourages children and youth to learn about science through interaction with different themes.

The park has many different ways of teaching, some being simple, others including more complex ideas.

Each year the park rebuilds areas of the park to unveil new exciting attractions, this time being a movie set from a known danish movie about the Danes in the first world war.

Interaction & UX Design, User Testing, Project Development
The project included two of the sets used in the filming of the movies "I Krig & Kærlighed"; these sets were used as the base of the attraction "Universe Film Studio."

In these two sets, the guests had to step into the shoes of one of the actors in the movie, then play opposite their counterpart in the movie, recreating the scene from the movie but with the guests in the lead role.
The attraction itself included other ways to interact with movie sets and ways to create a movie, like stop-motion, projection mapping, and slow-motion.
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