Varroa Control

The 5th-semester project of the Interaction Design education on SDU, the project was a collaboration of all the different engineering specializations at SDU.

With a focus on using the different skills and knowledge from all the specializations, then incorporating it all in a project that was given by a real company located in the area.

Interaction & UX Design, UI Design, Ideation, Development
The project was to develop a way to combat the increasing attacks of the varroa mite on the bee colonies and still ensure that the bees didn't suffer or die from the treatment.

The project itself was an initiative started by the Danish company "Swienty" located in Sønderborg, Denmark. Swienty being known for its high-precision tools for beekeeping.

My focus within the project was to develop the ideas and solution with the end-users in mind, which meant using user tests with beekeepers to get their inputs and ideas for the project.
Pictures showing the early stages of product design and usertests.

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