Deutsches Memory-Spiel

The task was to develop a learning tool for adults who wants to improve their German language knowledge while still increasing their knowledge about the region "Sønderjylland - Schleswig."

The tool was developed into a "Memory" game. The player has to find the two words that match each other, with different difficulties ranging from easy - hard.

Easy - being a german word to its Danish counterpart
Medium - the same german word with a synonym
Hard - the new synonym used in a sentence

 Interaction & UX Design, Project Development

The German-language plays a prominent role in life in southern Denmark; both on the Danish & German side of the border, there are "minorities" belonging to Denmark & Germany. 

This project wants to improve the german proficiency of the Danish population while learning more about the areas within the regions.

The focus was to encourage people to learn about the history within the old "Schleswig" region, which included areas within Denmark and Germany.

The game was developed for Windows, Mac & Linux, with the possibility for users to include their pictures and texts.

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